Galt's Gulch 2.0 Lodging/Travel Scholarship Application

**Please read the following carefully and complete the form in totality**

Due to the influx of scholarship applications received from students from all over the world -- and the LIMITED number of scholarships -- we ask applicants to provide as much detailed information as possible on their knowledge of Rand’s literature and philosophy of Objectivism, as well as their goals in attending this conference.

**Scholarships & complimentary lodging are EXTREMELY LIMITED for both U.S.-based & international students / young adults.** We review each application on a first-come-first-serve basis, but decisions are based on several factors, including:

  • Degree of care to which the application is completed

  • Previous attendance at Atlas Society events, including but not limited to Morals & Markets seminars, online webinars, Clubhouse & X Spaces, and Galt's Gulch Summit 2023

  • Knowledge level of Objectivism and Rand's literature

  • English Fluency (All lectures are in English, and there will not be translators on-site. Therefore, we’re prioritizing applicants who’ll be able to understand the programming)

  • Recommendation from a trusted partner in the liberty movement

Scholarship Recipients receive:

  • Complimentary lodging on the nights of July 24th, 25th and 26th.

  • Meals throughout the duration of the event, beginning with breakfast Thursday morning.

  • A free ticket to our Thursday evening Gala dinner.

  • Up to $400.00 to offset travel costs for those joining us from within the United States

  • Up to $800.00 to offset travel costs for those traveling from overseas. 

**Scholarships are only reimbursed once tickets are purchased and travel is booked.

**Individuals not selected for the complimentary lodging and travel scholarship are still welcome to purchase a ticket and attend as long as they understand they are responsible for their lodging and travel accommodations. We offer full refunds if you have already purchased your ticket and have not been accepted for a travel/lodging scholarship.

**If you are a non-enrolled young adult over 30 and do not think you'll be able to attend without the help of a travel scholarship, please contact Student Programs Manager Abbie Berringer at

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How familiar are you with Objectivism? *
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Do you plan to use The Atlas Society complimentary room block (where you'll share a room with one same-sex roommate)? *
I understand that by submitting this application, I am not guaranteed to be selected for a scholarship or lodging to attend Galt's Gulch 2.0

I also understand I am requesting to be considered for a modest amount of money to cover costs associated with ticket purchase & travel to and from The Atlas Society's Galt's Gulch 2.0 and that this stipend is not intended to cover all travel costs associated with attending the event (i.e., non-event meals, room service charges, etc.). 

I have read and acknowledged the terms of this application. If I am selected to attend this conference, I know that my lodging and a set number of meals will be covered as part of my ticket purchase.
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