Westland High School Health Consultation 2018
Every two years schools are required to consult with the school community about the school’s Health programme. This consultation process happens biennially to review our programmes and ascertain the views of our community. The Health and Physical Education document promotes physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being. We would like your thoughts on what you feel we should be emphasising in our classroom programmes in this particular area by:

- Finding out the wishes of the school community regarding the way in which the Health curriculum should be taught, given the views, beliefs and customs of community members.

- Help identify some of the needs of Health Education at our school.

The survey below is designed to give you a broad outline of the Health component of the Health & Physical Education curriculum, we are seeking information from you about:

- What you think the health needs of our children are.

- Anything you think should be included in the Health Education curriculum for our school.

The programme aims to give our students the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values required to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. It has a holistic approach aiming to develop the social, physical, emotional and cultural needs of the students. The school will not only promote each individual's health but aims to encourage students to recognise the ways in which they can become purposeful and caring citizens in the community. These values are covered in class but we also have support from people within the community such as – The Life Education Trust, Police – keeping ourselves safe, the school Guidance counsellor and Nurse and Ministry funded initiatives such as Attitude and Sex Wise.

For more information on the following please check out: www.health.tki.org.nz

In Health education there are 4 key areas of learning:
1. Mental Health
2. Sexuality Education
3. Food and Nutrition
4. Body Care and Physical Safety.

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