2020 Local NMI President's Report
Complete form on line and submit or print and email to Georgia District NMI Secretary Barbara Stephenson barbswired@icloud.com 14 Caspian Ct., Whitesburg, GA 30185
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Work with your local pastor to report accurate membership numbers on this form and Annual Pastor's Report.
1. NMI members (your church membership may be used for this answer)
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2. NMI associates (Non-church members: adult, youth, children)
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NMI's 5 Areas of Impact
3. Did your church pray for needs around the world as well as missionaries?
4. Alabaster: Did your church give to Alabaster?
How much did your church give to Alabaster?
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6. Did your church engage children and youth in missions? If your congregation is without children and youth, would you have engaged them?
6(a) Is there someone (adult, youth, or child) from your church, considering a call to missions service?
If yes - what is their name?
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6 (b) Is someone mentoring this individual? If so what is their name?
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7. These numbers must coincide with your pastor's report. WEF: Did your church meet or exceed it's World Evangelism Fund allocation?
7 (a) What was your World Evangelism Fund allocation?
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7 (b) Amount given to World Evangelism Fund:
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8. Did you answer YES to questions 3-7? If so, Congratulations, you are a Missions Priority One Church!
9. World Evangelism Fund Church of Excellence: Did your church give at least 5.7 percent, or overpayment of $1,500 (whichever is less) of your target World Evangelism Fund amount?
10. Did your church teach about Nazarene missions, missionaries, and ministry on a global level to adults, youth, and children? This may include teaching through media, printed materials, missions speakers, and special mission projects.
11. Did your church give of its resources (time, skills, finances, other) to make an impact beyond your own local congregation?
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Please share how your church ministered cross-culturally (locally or internationally). While this is not a requirement we would love to hear your stories.
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