I4U Challenge - 智在創城 報名表格
Innovation for Urbanization Challenge - 智在創城
Organised by B4B Limited with main sponsors - Ronald Lu & Partners and Paul Y. Engineering, Innovation for Urbanization (I4U) Challenge aims to investigate the application of intelligent technology on architectural design and on putting “WELL Plus” into practice, which provides a platform for start-ups and students to practically apply intelligent technologies, for example IoT, to seek improvements on existing architectures.

為了探索智能科技應用在建築設計和“WELL Plus”上的實踐,建立更加綠色的可持續城市空間,由B4B Limited主辦、呂元祥建築師事務所 和 保華建業 為主要贊助的Innovation for Urbanization Challenge - 智在創城 (I4U Challenge),為有興趣及相關專業人士提供實踐平台,利用物聯網等智能科技,思考改善現有建築空間的可能性。

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Prospectus 比賽簡章:
About the Organiser 主辦機構
B4B Limited aims to promote the development of a healthy and sustainable ecosystem for Big Data and intelligent technologies innovation in Hong Kong and to match talents and enterprises through organising competitions, intensive accelerator programs and other programs.

B4B Limited 致力推動香港發展大數據技術和智能科技創新,透過舉辦比賽、種子加速器和其他培訓項目,促進人才與企業的配對與連接,營造健康及可持續的產業生態環境。
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