The Layer (Spring 2017)
The Spring Layer is a 10 day program that kicks off on April 3.
Registration is rolling. You can begin the program on any Monday between April and May.
• Welcome Meeting : Saturday April 1st via Conference Call

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Please note: there is an additional 2-day shipping fee of $40 for those who DO NOT live in Los Angeles. We do not ship internationally.
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Will you be purchasing The Layer *With* a Reduced Pack of Classes? (NY and LA only)
Will you be able to attend the Welcome Meeting via Conference Call on April 1st at 12pm ET / 9am PT?
The welcome meeting is when we go through the program step by step and *answer any questions you may have.* We strongly suggest that you join us for the conference call.
Which Monday in April and May would you like to begin?
Would you like to be connected to a chef for Meal Delivery (cost not included)?
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Payment Links
The Layer without Classes $350 + $40 Shipping:

The Layer without Classes: $350 (NO Shipping - LA Clients ONLY):

The Layer + The Class (NYC - reduced pack of 5 classes): $475 + $40 Shipping:

The Layer + The Class (LA - reduced pack of 5 classes): $450 (NO Shipping - LA Clients ONLY):

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