Friends of Northside Order Form for Car Magnets and Yard/Window signs
Use this form to order car magnets and yard/window signs from Friends of Northside - you are responsible for picking up your order at the address you choose below and paying by cash/check or zelle to the person you are picking up from. (checks made out to Friends of Northside).  FON will contact you when orders are ready for pickup.  We will collect orders until we hit minimum order numbers and then send for production.  If you miss a cutoff your order will be held for the next batch.  We anticipate two print runs for magnets and one for signs this school year.

Items are being offered to you at cost to make these items accessible to all families.  Any profits from these sales will be donated to Friends of Northside.
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Email *
LastName *
Phone Number *
Sample image - Car Magnet - size is 5.5 inches round
Magnets - price is $3 each *
select the total number of magnets you want to order - choose none if you do not want mangnets
Sample Image - Yard Sign/Poster for Windows -12inches x 18inches
Yard Signs/Window Signs - price is $8 each *
For this order the yard and window signs are identical, if you prefer yard sign you will also pickup the metal stake with it to put in your yard.  Select the total number of signs you want to order.  Choose none if you do not want signs.
Total Amount you will owe at pickup *
Please total how much you will owe and list that amount here.  $3/each magnet + $8/each yard/window sign.
Choose your Pickup Location *
The signs and posters will be located on the front porches of these two parent homes once we notify you they are ready.  Please only take what you pre-ordered.  All the extras we ordered are accounted for. Since it is contactless, we ask that you leave cash or check to “Friends of Northside” for the total you owe.  There will be a designated place to leave the check/cash.    If things shift to in-person learning and we get an option to pickup at school we will add that and let you know.
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