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For strays over approximately 3 months, a 4 day stray hold at your local animal control is legally required prior to intake to a private shelter as any potential previous owners must have an opportunity to reclaim the cat. Has this stray hold been completed yet? *
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Are you able to foster the cat(s) for weeks to several months as our waiting list is long? *
Fully vetted (spayed/neutered and FIV/FeLV tested) cats are moved to a separate, faster waiting list. Are you able to get any unfixed/untested cats you want to surrender fixed and tested for FIV/FeLV? *
If you are unable to foster or find a foster for up to a few months, you may also contact other rescues in the area, post for help in the Animal Networking Group of Caddo Bossier on Facebook, or take to your local animal control. Our rescue pulls half of our intakes from animal controls and half from our waiting list each month, and intakes are determined based on our number of adoptions in order to maintain a safe/healthy population level in our facility. If you need more information regarding the animal controls, trap/neuter/return, fostering, please email us those questions!
Thank you for your time! We will be contacting you with your waiting list number and more information shortly! Waiting list inquiries are typically responded to within 3-6 business days!
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