GRAVITY RISING Beta Readers Needed!
Greetings! Thank you for your interest in beta reading GRAVITY RISING by Evie Driver. GRAVITY RISING is a young adult science fiction (sci-fi)/futuristic fantasy full-length novel featuring a female protagonist supported by a diverse cast of seven core characters.
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1. Read manuscript in full (between 80k-90k words) by **NOVEMBER 30TH, 2018**.

2. No spoilers or story leaks (manuscript is copyright protected)

3. Honesty - whether you make it two words or 20,000 words in, if you do not enjoy the story, you are free to walk away at your leisure. However, Evie Driver expects email, written notice, so she may notify someone else who is interested in beta reading her manuscript. Otherwise, she will likely send you unwanted reminder emails.

4. Email correspondence - You agree to receive a few emails from Evie Driver regarding this form, the manuscript, and reminders as the time frame comes to a close.

5. Evie is primarily interested in content critiques, character comments, plot holes, etc. Editing/proofreading will be considered extraneous.


Book Summary
Slighted by society. Forgotten by family.

Sector Darwin, a city dwelling in the clouds, is no longer safe for sixteen-year-old technophile, Ettrix Greeble. The unstable energy at her fingertips brands her a prime candidate to be the next test subject when her mother unveils the most controversial experiment yet. To secure her freedom, she must find a way Earth’s irradiated wastelands thought to be inhabitable. Only then will she finally be able to disappear.

Freedom doesn’t exist in the wastes.

Thought to be an Attuned, a magic-user, the Crawlers hunt her and her new companions after she escapes Elysium, the raiders’ labyrinthine stronghold situated in ruins. The wastes require any advantage she has survive; however, as she tests her powers’ limits, her body begins to deteriorate. When called to fight to save others, will she sacrifice her solitary life she’s desperate to live or will she find a way to save herself instead?

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Confidentiality & Other
I (Evie Driver) am super laid back and very flexible. I wish this was common knowledge to everyone, but for the sake of my sanity, I'm opting to add this in. My manuscript is being published by me sometime next year. IF accepted as a beta reader, you have to know that you can't whip out my manuscript to the cold desolate Internet. It'll get cold. It's needs its jacket on at all times!

By agreeing to this, you understand that my manuscript is for your eyes only. This manuscript has to retain its confidentiality while under your review. I will send you a test email notifying you have been accepted as a beta reader. Please respond to this email with something saying "I accept" within at maximum of 72 hours, so I know the email you sent me is working and real.

I'm not going to hound you or spam your inbox. I'm very straightforward, honest, and understanding. If for ANY reason my manuscript should bore you to tears or your life throws fiery stones your way, PLEASE reach out and tell me, so I don't waste my time and your inbox space. I'll only send two emails spaced out between a week if you remain unresponsive.

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