Short Stories
A quick gathering of information about a story you are reading or have read.
What is your name? *
This is important. I need to know who to discuss these questions with.
What is the title of the story? *
We may not all be reading the same story. What is your choice called?
Where did you find your story? *
Did you read a book? Did you find the story on the internet? Did you read a story that a friend wrote? Please be specific. If you found the story on the internet, add the website address.
Who is the main character of the story? *
Who is the person that is the most involved in the story? Is there more than one main character? Who are they?
What is the plot of the story? *
What is the story about?
Do you have any questions about the story?
What do you want to know that will help you understand the story better?
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