BVAR Application Form - Summer 2023
You are applying to join a research project that is operating in a culturally diverse country, under conditions which will likely be quite different from those to which you are accustomed to in your home country. The project involves hard physical labor and the ability to live and cooperate in close quarters with others in a tropical environment.

This questionnaire helps  ensure that we have some idea of your skills, interests, strengths, and weaknesses prior to the beginning of the field season. Please try to answer as accurately and completely as possible. You may complete the online questionnaire below, or you may download the PDF form (on the BVAR website) and return your answers via email. Please do not send us duplicate questionnaires.

Thanks for taking the time to fill the application out completely!  
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Are you applying for credit through NAU? The deadline to apply is February 15, 2023 (subject to change). Contact Myka Schwanke ( for details. You can also visit the NAU in Belize: Archaeological Field Work Experience website for more information. *
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We all have weaknesses. What do you consider yours to be? *
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What is your previous foreign travel experience? Please list which countries you have visited, when, and for how long you visited. *
Do you have any medical concerns or needs? It is imperative that we are aware of any special medical concerns. No facilities exist to accommodate severe handicaps or medical conditions. Do you have any medical conditions of which we should be aware? Please note that this information, and any other sensitive personal information, will remain confidential. *
Do you take any medication? Please list them here. Please be aware that there are no facilities available for medication that needs to be refrigerated. It is also not possible to get refills for prescriptions.   *
Do you have any special dietary concerns? While we do our best to meet dietary needs, we may be unable to accommodate extremely specialized diets in some cases. *
Do you have any allergies? (food or other) *
Do you have any physical conditions of which we should be aware? (e.g., bad back, trick knee, etc.) *
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