Valet Consignor Request Form - Spring 2020
Space is limited for Valet Consignors. Please provide the following information so that we can plan accordingly.
We prep your items, store, and transport to the sale. You earn 45-50% on sold items!

In order to qualify, you must answer YES to both questions below:

Do you have at least 75 items?

Are 80% of your items name brand? (Less than 20% of your items are from Target/Walmart.)


If you qualify, please request a Valet Consignor spot. We will contact you within 2 weeks to confirm your spot and schedule merchandise drop off.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION - PLEASE READ. If your items do not meet these guidelines, they may be rejected by your Tagger and/or you could lose your spot.

You will have one dropoff with your Tagger, so all items must be organized and ready to go!

EQUIPMENT & TOYS - Be sure all items are working with batteries and all parts/pieces included. Please also check for safety recalls ( It is helpful if you put items with multiple parts/pieces into a clear self-sealing bag so that your Valet Tagger knows what belongs together.

CLOTHING - You may sell clothing sizes Preemie through Teen. ALL CLOTHING MUST BE ON HANGERS AND 100% STAIN FREE, freshly laundered, with no signs of pets. Fold sets together so that your Valet Tagger can prep/price sets easily. Clothing at JBF is sold SEASONALLY, so all clothes should be Spring/Summer/transitional. Maternity clothing may be any season.

ONESIES & ACCESSORIES - These items are sold in bundles by size. Please check these items in bright light for stains, they must be 100% stain-free. Place these bundled items in clear self-sealing bags so that your Valet Tagger knows what belongs together. Items okay to sell: onesies, socks, tights, hair accessories, belts, sunglasses, hats, etc.

SHOES - Shoes at JBF are sold SEASONALLY, so they should be appropriate for Spring/Summer. All shoes must be CLEAN. Condition must be like new, no discoloration or tearing.

BOOKS, MOVIES, PUZZLES, ARTS & CRAFTS - These items must be in great shape and contain all pieces (check puzzles!). Double check movies to ensure correct disc is enclosed and does not skip during play. VHS not accepted. Arts & crafts meant for one-time use cannot be sold if used.

BEDDING & ROOM DECOR - You may bundle small blankets together as one item. You may bundle bedding/room decor sets together as one item.

INFANT ITEMS - Nursing/Feeding, Diapering, Bathing, and Safety items are welcome. Items must be clean and bundled into sets, in clear self-sealing bags so that Valet Tagger knows what goes together.

For complete information on acceptable items for the Spring Sale, please visit
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