DACA Renewal Clinics
For many of you, your DACA and EAD may be expiring some time this year. USCIS recommends applicants to file DACA renewal between 150-120 days prior to the expiration date. However, USCIS will accept renewal requests filed earlier than 150 days. Because of the backlog that USCIS is currently experiencing, we recommend that you file your application 180-150 days prior to the expiration date.

The MinKwon Center will be holding DACA renewal clinics starting in September 2016. We will be hosting 2 types of clinics. The first is a conference-styled clinic on Saturday, October 22. The conference-styled clinic will include an educational workshop along with the legal services that you would receive at a traditional clinic. We will also be hosting traditional clinics on Fridays, dates are listed below. Please be sure to check the expiration date on your EAD before choosing a clinic date.

If you had any interaction with the police or immigration officers in the past or traveled outside the U.S. since being granted DACA, we highly recommend you consult and work with the MinKwon Center or a lawyer in renewing your DACA.

If you plan to renew your DACA with the MinKwon Center, please answer the following questions.
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For some people, the conference-styled clinic on October 22 may be too late and less than 150 days before their expiration date. Please look at the expiration dates on your approval notices and Employment Authorization Document. If your expiration date is less than 150 days before October 22, we strongly recommend that you attend an earlier traditional clinic.
If you are interested in attending traditional clinic, please look at the expiration dates on your approval notices and Employment Authorization Document and select a day that is at least 150 days before the expiration date. Someone will contact you later to confirm a time.
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For more information, please contact Stephanie Park, IJC Community Fellow, at 718-460-5600 x508 or stephanie.park@minkwon.org.
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