The Lady Wisdom Project. What do you wish other women had told you sooner, or at all?
Hi. We're Nikki and Sher. Our moms are dead. No matter how much experience we gain or how old our kids get, we miss the wisdom and advice we would have gotten from our mothers (if the universe wasn't such a cruel bitch). So we're teaming up with fellow awesome lady and graphic designer Susan Lawton to create a book designed to fill in the gaps in our lady knowledge. From women, to women, for women; even if you still have a mom, you'll learn some great stuff!

We're collecting stories from women (all kinds of women) about anything they've learned the hard way, or wish they'd found out sooner. Please share your wisdom with us! You can add to or skip any of the categories! Think of this as you giving advice to your younger self. What do you know now that would have made life easier then?

To support this project, visit our Patreon page:, and thank you for your contributions!

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