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Just below these suggested guidelines for writing an appropriate submission is a form you can you can use to compose and send your submission to the Commission with the click of a button:

• Your submission should show the Commission that you have personal, credible, factual and relevant information about injuries and suffering caused by terror activities in Gaza during last summer.

• Your testimony should focus on your personal experiences rather than your opinions about the conflict. Please explain how you were affected or injured, what daily activities were disrupted and how the rocket fire or threat of rockets disrupted your life and the life of your family.

• In setting forth your personal experience it is helpful to recount what you personally experienced, for example:

I saw ________________
I heard __________________
I felt ____________________
I experience ______________________
I have personal knowledge that ___________________ because _________________

Here is a just a partial list of potential, relevant topics:

• Attacks on civilians and civilian areas
• Failure to distinguish between civilians and military targets
• Use of explosive weapons (e.g. mortars, rockets) in urban areas
• Attacks on essential public facilities, medical facilities or schools
• Attacks based solely upon the victim’s religion, race or national origin
• Disruption of right to work, education, safety from violence, freedom, human dignity
• Campaigns encouraging acts of terror against civilians, particularly elders and children (attempts and actual: kidnapping, tunnels, stabbings, stoning, vehicular attacks, etc.)
• Direct and indirect effects of war on children – physical, emotional and mental (anxiety sleep disorders--also PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)
• Civilians and children taking part in hostilities
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