School of Nursing's Scholarship Supplemental Questions
Questions are optional!! Responses do not solely determine if a scholarship is awarded or not.These are supplemental questions for those who already applied in the UWG scholarship portal. Thank you for submitting through UWG's portal at Responses will be confidential and only viewed by the THS School of Nursing scholarship committee on or after April 20. Awarding is expected by late July.
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Does your parent currently work for Villa Rica Tanner or Paulding Wellstar? *
If they work for Villa Rica Tanner or Paulding Wellstar, what position and location?
Were you raised in a single-parent household? *
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Were you a high school graduate of a Carroll county or Carrollton City school? If so, please list the school name.
What is your home city and state? *
What city, state, county do you current reside? *
What city and state do you plan on living in after graduation?
What do you plan to do when you graduate?
Are you a non-traditional student? If so, explain.
Are you a first-gen student? If so, what does that mean to you?
Do you currently qualify for the Hope Scholarship? *
Have you transferred from West Georgia Technical College? *
Briefly describe past and current volunteer services you provided without compensation
Do you have one or more parents serving in healthcare? If so, where?
Are you interested in a military career? If so, please explain.
If awarded scholarship funds, will you be willing to write thank you notes to donors? *
Resident of Coweta County? 3.2 GPA or higher? If so, you are eligible for an essay option: If you have 1000 Words, Why do you want to become a nurse? please email to
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