Corporate Rowing Challenge 2020
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Training times - Please list three or more training times per week which would suit you, so we can schedule training sessions. Times can be weekday mornings before work, evenings after work, and weekends.
Event rules and regulations - please read.
• All plant is provided by the Avon Rowing Club and associates. Plant will be allocated by the Club and will be of comparable quality - no company may make alternative arrangements with a school or club in an attempt to have use of ‘better’ plant in racing.
• All crews are provided a coach capable of teaching the rowing stroke and necessary technical and tactical considerations for ergometer and on-water racing. You may use a coach of your own choosing if deemed suitable by the Club (i.e. if the company has an employee with rowing or coaching experience), otherwise we will provide a coach based on your desired training times.
• On-water training is permitted between the dates of 6 September and 10 October 2020 and is limited to 12 sessions during this period. Each training session will involve up to 60 minutes in the boat. All sessions must have the coach present. Any crew found to be involved in additional on-water sessions will be disqualified.
• Training sessions will be made available once entries have been finalised. We will try to schedule all training at the preferred time of each crew. If this is not possible we reserve the right to offer training sessions to crews in an order determined at the briefing meeting on 2 September 2020.
• Any training session booked and not used will be that crew’s loss and will not be rescheduled.
• If bad weather prevents a training session from taking place we will do our best to reschedule it at a time that suits the crew.
• Crews are able to complete as much additional training outside the rowing environment as they like.
• Crews are asked to take reasonable care of all plant and equipment. Crews may be held liable for the cost of repairing any deliberate, intentional, or careless damage to plant and equipment.

• All crews must have a minimum of two women (coxswain may be either sex).
• No current high-performance rowers may participate. Recently or previously competitive athletes are permitted but must not make up more than half the racing crew. No more than two registered rowers per crew for the 500 m race. Race organisers will make sure no crew is deemed to possess an unfair advantage in racing through crew members, additional rowing training, or superior plant use.

• Appropriate clothing must be worn in training; fitting but flexible gear is recommended (loose gear can get caught on various parts of the boat). Due care must be taken for the cool conditions with early morning/evening outside training and the aquatic environment.
• Each crew is required to attend the indoor and outdoor regatta in a team uniform of their choice and design. Please do not include any offensive messages on your uniform.

• By entering this event all companies allow their names and photos of training/racing to be used in any promotion of the event Avon Rowing Club decides to run during or after the event. Comments and opinions may be asked for in conjunction with this.

• Entry is confirmed once this form has been completed and signed.
• The deadline for entries is COB on Friday 28 August. Entries may close prior this date if maximum crew numbers are reached.
• The entry fee is $1000 + GST ($1150) for one crew.
• Because of uncertainty created by the pandemic, you will receive an invoice at the conclusion of the Corporate Challenge. We will pro-rata the fee if the full programme is not able to be held.
• Confirmation of entry and details of the briefing meeting will be sent by email to the company contact.
DISCLAIMER - There is danger associated with rowing, including but not limited to the equipment used, physical exertion, and the outdoor aquatic environment. The company contact signs this document in the understanding that all provided information is correct, all participants take part at their own risk, and all conditions of the event are agreed to.
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