AMAze Case Competition Application
Join us for the opportunity to put your marketing skills to the challenge in participating in this year's AMA Case Competition "AMAze". The AMAze Case Competition is a virtual event that refines and tests your marketing skills in the professional world (market analysis, market selection, marketing mix, customer acquisition, etc.). AMA will bring in the following partners: Ghostery, Thoyen, High Brew Coffee, Guayaki, and Nimaroh for the case competition and students will be given the chance to develop a marketing strategy for these companies!

This event is open to all UT students, as long as 1 paid AMA member is in each team. Each team will comprise 2-4 people, with the dates of the competition being: Wednesday April 14th - Saturday April 17th. Upon being selected to participate, you and your team will receive further details and information.
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