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Help us serve up to 10,000 children during the 2020-21 school year! (Qualifying schools will be scheduled and served on a first come, first come basis.)

From the Founder of Promising Pages comes Living Libraries and The LiLi Key-- the first of its kind book activation program. The mission of Living Libraries is to utilize emotional, educational and social capital to creatively and collaboratively unlock the unlimited potential of heart-centered, resilient and coherent 21st century Superhuman learners and leaders known as LiLis. (LiLi {pron. Lee-Lee} is short short for Living Library.) Our vision is to cultivate entire generation of LiLis who will use their Keys to unlock their unique gifts to positively impact the world.

Principals, teachers and literacy facilitators and after school program facilitators in Mecklenburg, Union, Lancaster and York Counties: Apply here to request free assembly style visits from LiLi {Lee-Lee} mascots BibLi O. Teca and brother LiBro and crew. The LiLis will visit your school/program to transforms groups of K-5th graders into Superhuman Living Libraries (LiLis) with the powers of the LiLi Key. Each child will receive their own hard copy of the book, The LiLi Key, the BibLi O. Board game and dice needed to earn their coveted LiLi Keys. The LiLi Key necklaces come in their choice of gold pendant or silver military dog tag style.

Parents of children in Mecklenburg, York, Union and Lancaster County schools can also use this form to nominate their child's school!

The assembly style program can be performed in the gym or auditorium and will take approximately :45. Living Libraries will bring their own AV equipment and will need access to the space approximately :90 before show time. Living Libraries can perform 2 back to back shows per day with a :30 reset in-between.

During the performance, each child will have the opportunity to use the book to kinesthetically transform into a LiLi when prompted by our mascots. They will then be invited to begin the journey with the BibLi O. board game which helps them earn their Keys. A letter will go home to parents to sign up their child onto our online LiLi Club platform where each will have the opportunity to be paired with a one- on- one Living Literaries (LiLit) mentor who will build a relationship by checking in with them weekly via phone, email, Facetime or snail mail to encourage on-going reading, leadership, empathy and positive self esteem. All future correspondence will be done via the Living Libraries online platform.

In addition to the one-off assembly style programming, we are also seeking partnerships for Living Libraries Flagship Schools to pilot out our full customizable menu of LiLi offerings including regular mascot visits, guest speakers, home library building, one on one reading buddies within schools and more. You can download a full list of our customizable program offerings here: Please indicate below which program(s) you are interested in.

Note: In exchange for our assembly services, feedback from the teachers/facilitators on the program required via this link

Please contact with any questions.
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