Designing an Effective and Motivational Syllabus
The syllabus is the gateway to course success for the students and for the instructor. The more information students have about course learning outcomes, their responsibilities and expectations in the course, and the performance evaluation criteria, the more successful they will be as students and faculty members will be as instructors. This session will motivate faculty to reimagine their syllabus as a tool for course design vs. course creation. The effective syllabus creates a learning path for student engagement, student success, and student voice and choice in demonstrating mastery of content. The motivational syllabus provides success tips and a table of contents, uses graphics and inviting images to learn, and is student user-friendly. Participants are asked to have access to a digital or hard copy of their syllabus to work on in real time during the workshop. Faculty members will learn how to transform their syllabus into a dazzling document of intellectual inspiration.
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