Kehi Garoun Membership 2019
Kehi Garoun is a non-profit organization that channels 100% donations to children in need. We work with local teachers who identify and deliver the needed help. We are able to channel 100% of donation because members contribute towards our administrative cost. We invite you to be a member of Kehi Garoun for the next 12 months.

1. I understand that KG is a Members-Owned organization where members provide both resources and direction.
a. Resources: I will make financial contribution towards KG’s administration cost, which comes to around 1 Lac a month.
b. Direction: I have the option to serve remotely in the Advisory team in my interest area, and after 3 months of successful tenure, to serve in the Board.
2. I agree to receive monthly e-Updates with invitation to events to build fellowship among community members (such as nature walks, social interactions or mindfulness sessions). I may unsubscribe at any point.

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I am interested in being a member of Kehi Garoun for the next 12 months.
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Any amount is ok. When asked for suggestion, we base our recommendation on the philosopher Peter Singer who says an average person should give 1%-5% of their income to charity.
Payment Frequency
Members Contribution is best done in person or by through e-sewa or bank (NIC Asia Bank Ltd., AC name “Kehi Garoun”, Ac number 11CA013693 NPR002). What mode are you planning to use and at what frequency will you make the payment? This will help us plan.
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Are you interested in any activities such as advisory, community events, charity volunteerjing, mindfulness events e.t.c. ?
Thank you. Please note that this membership is renewable every 12 months.
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