ONE LIGHT SYSTEM * student, practitioner, meditator Assessment/Introduction Registration 2018
太 陽 光 凝 視 系 統
How to Join ONE LIGHT SYSTEM and to start Receiving One Light
1.(FREE pre-Assessment requiring to Receive OLS Introduction)
2. OLS INTRODUCTION (to become a student, practitioner or meditator)
In - Person USA walk in welcome CA, also available on-distance (via video call only)

02.2018 private & group (introductions, Meditations in Bay Area CA)
03.2018 private & group (introductions, Meditations in Bay Area CA)
03.19 - 22 EQUINOX
03.19 - 22 SOLSTICE
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I am interested in upcoming: rsrv me for to become an OLS student, practitioner, meditator (FREE pre-Assessment requiring to receive OLS Introduction). and -> available Illumination service: receive a private session/consultation (in person usa) and online, regular group classes; intro, practices, annual; retreats and events ! *
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RSRV private session / consultation *
I understand that my first step is registration and mutual energy exchange agreement. I will receive ("personal teachings on ONE LIGHT SYSTEM" ) in private or in one group up to 6, that can be used only on your own as a student/practitioner/meditator ONLY (not allowed to share the knowledge until becomes OFFICIAL OLS INSTRUCTOR/TEACHER but welcome to Refer) . First time for 1 non member (non register practitioner, student) FREE Assessment to Determinate your INTRODUCTION FEES.
100 days welcoming Video 2017 free opportunity expired
REFERRAL LIST submit here> Point program, each time you attend you earn any ages are welcome: 4-16 years old Half Off always.
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