Community Garden Plot Agreement
The Chuckanut Center’s mission is to Grow food, skills and a resilient community and as such, offer community garden plots for rent annually to those wishing to grow their own food.

Please fill out this form to request a community garden plot. Plots are a $40 donation to the center annually. They vary in size and you must meet our garden coordinator to select the size that suits you. Plots are offered as a year round garden however, we cannot guarantee new plots will be available. Chuckanut Center reserves the right to alter the garden plan and omit community garden plots at any time, with sufficient notice to gardeners.

This agreement must be renewed annually and submitted with your donation. Our Garden Coordinator is Ali Mathews and she will be in touch with you after the agreement has been received.

The Chuckanut Center gardens are public and educational gardens located on leased City of Bellingham Parks Dept. property.  The gardens are on a well-traveled road in an established neighborhood.  Consequently, it is important for each gardener to demonstrate good garden practices and be an attractive amenity to the neighborhood and general public.  
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Gardeners are ultimately responsible for their own plot. You are responsible for maintaining, watering, weeding, staking, soil amending and fertilizing your own plot. Assigned plots are used throughout the gardening season beginning in March. *
Each gardener should be considerate of others plots. Don’t shade others (be mindful of where you plant sunflowers). Please do not harvest from plots other than your own. *
There is a Victory Garden (food bank donation garden) on site, grown by a volunteer. If you wish to assist in the VG or grow produce on your plot to contribute to the weekly harvests, please let the garden coordinator know and you will be connected to the VG volunteer. *
Invasive plants are not allowed and there may be requests to keep open pollinated crops separate from any demonstration crop plots planted by the Center for educational or seed saving purposes. If this is the case, gardeners will be given plenty of lead time. Please see garden committee coordinator for list of invasive species if needed. *
We maintain an organic garden throughout the grounds. Absolutely no non-organic fertilizers, amendments, or soil will be allowed and absolutely no spraying of insecticides, as we love our bees!   *
Neglected plots will be reassigned or revert to a communal garden space (If a plot looks neglected, the garden coordinator will contact you. You will have 30 days to maintain it. If it is not maintained within that time, the coordinator can re-assign the plot. *
We will have several “Weed and Feed” events as well as volunteer work parties throughout the growing season. Please make an attempt to join us when possible as we seek to grow community as well as food, and we sometimes need extra hands to get larger jobs done! You will be invited to attend these parties as they are scheduled. *
Please keep pets out of the garden area, children are welcome but please supervise them. *
Do not build any permanent structures. Temporary fences, pathways, etc. are OK. *
Tools, assorted equipment and water is included in your gardening fee, as well as access to our storage shed and restroom. We expect that this equipment will be respected, cared for and returned to their original location when you are done using them. If something is not in good condition, please bring this to the attention of the garden coordinator right away. Keep your eyes out for vandalism or inappropriate use of the garden. Community members are welcome to wander the property, but they are not allowed to harvest. Be aware when on the grounds for any inappropriate activity. *
Chuckanut Center and its organizers are not responsible for any damage, theft or injury that may happen while on site. *
How shall we expect you $40 annual garden plot donation? *
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