FAQ's on Joining Norwex!
Norwex products are amazing and if you are like me, you want the entire catalog! Joining Norwex is a smart, savvy, and fun way to fill your home with products that are safe and easy to use and REALLY work! There is ZERO pressure or obligation to join!

Whether you are looking for a second income for yourself or your family, wanting extra money in your retirement, need a fun night out once in a while or just want to make a difference in people's lives, let's see if Norwex could be the fit you're looking for!
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BUT WAIT! You have a second option! In September ONLY you can join for $20 with no sales requirements and no kit! Just a Window Cloth and Envirocloth and all the consultant perks!
What are the benefits of joining?
• Meaningful Impact: The education and products we share improve health, save time, and are eco-friendly.

• Flexibility: Want to be your own boss & make your own hours? Choose how much and when you want to work!

• Income: Earn 35% on your personal retail sales! With Norwex I am able to make full time income working only part time hours!

• Fun: A night out of the home with wine, dessert, meet new people, all while getting paid? - YES PLEASE!

• Friends: Join a team of like-minded ladies (and a couple gentleman) who help, support, and become life-long friends.

• Recognition: How often are you recognized at your current job? Recognition feels good and in Norwex it happens a lot!

• Growth: Grab the opportunity to develop as a leader by teaching others how to join Norwex.This also comes with a pay raise!

• Free Products: Earn products and catalogs each month for free just for partying!

• Vacations: Earn free trips to fun places with sunshine and sand! On Norwex's dime!
How much does it cost to get started?
How much does it cost to get started?

This is my favorite question! Get ready!

You can start for FREE! Yep, FREE! Pay only $9.99 for S/H and receive it within 1 week! Which comes with all the products and business supplies you need plus 60 days of free Office Suite which includes your personal website, to launch your business.

Okay, what's the fine print, Monica?

Norwex gives you 90 days to hold parties to earn your kit for free! If you submit $1,000 in 30 days (about 1 or 2 parties) you keep your starter kit for free and earn $350 in income! OR submit $2,000 in orders in 90 days (about 3 or 4 parties), you keep your starter kit free and keep the commission you made from that $2,000... $700 cash!!!!

If you don't meet either goal, Norwex will charge you $200 for your $250 starter kit (not too shabby).

But, one $575 party = $201 in commission! So, even if you only hold ONE average party, you still have earned enough to pay the $200 Norwex will charge! WIN WIN!

From time to time, there are monthly incentives where we offer specials to launch your business. There are no membership or annual fees. We prefer simple.

What Comes In The Starter Kit? EVERYTHING pictured below! Yes, the Mop is included!
Do you want to earn your kit for FREE?!
Can I upgrade my Starter Kit? (I want ALL the Norwex!)
You sure can! The upgrade package is a discounted package ONLY available for purchase at the time of sign up.

Norwex upgrade package is a fantastic way for you to start your business strong with additional top selling products to demo, give away, or try for yourself!

Here are the benefits:

• One time only 45% discount

• You pay $285.28

• The full 100% retail price of $528.29 and $475.46 counts towards your goal to earn your Starter Kit for Free

• You get the top selling products into your hands fast as well as have additional products to use in your home. We have found that what you use, is what you sell because you can speak from personal experience
The upgrade package is so popular because the retail value is over $400... why is that important? Because Norwex offers a Quick Start Bonus REWARDS PACKAGE and choosing upgrade package automatically earns you that box of freebies worth over $150!
Talk To Me About The $$$$. How Much Can I Earn?
All Norwex Consultants earn 35% on their personal retail sales. Example: when you submit $2,000 in personal sales x 35% = $700. So if you have a Party of $500, you earn $175. The more parties you do, the more you make.

Norwex has one of the highest commission rates in the home party/direct sales industry! There are also 7 levels of leadership you can progress through to make even more money as you grow your team!

Check out the Opportunity Brochure for a deeper look into your potential with Norwex!

How do I receive my commission?
When a customer pays you by credit card, Norwex will direct deposit your commission on a bi-weekly basis, direct to your bank account.

As soon as you get your Consultant ID# (usually within minutes after signing up online), you can place your first order.
Is there a monthly quota or minimum?
There are no monthly sales requirements. However if you want to be able to continue to receive a consultant discount, you must remain “active” – this means maintaining personal retail sales of $250 every rolling three months in any 6 month period.

Because you get a 35% discount on your purchases, this amounts to $162.50 if you want to join for your own personal ordering.
Your own purchases count at full retail cost even if you are only paying 65%!

If you don't submit the $250 within the 6 months than your account will go "Dormant" and if you want to re-activate it, you can opt to pay $19.99 and start placing orders again. Sometime's Norwex offers a promotion to reactivate for FREE!
What kind of support do I get to start successfully?
Norwex has fantastic training to accommodate multiple learning styles. You’ll receive a welcome email with the link to our website for training and information.


You also get ME! I will support you along the way!
Does Norwex provide me with my own website?
YES! For the first 6 months, your website is FREE. After that, your Office Suite subscription is only $9.99, and includes your website, online ordering, emails sent to your customers on your behalf and so much more.

Do Norwex Consultants have to pay for Host gifts?
Norwex Consultants do not have to pay for Host gifts. It is a fully funded host program, and it is so generous!

Fun fact: Norwex consultants are able to hold their own parties! So, you get to be both the host and consultant double-dipping in all of the free host reward products PLUS still earning the 35% commission on orders!

Can I do this casually or part-time?
Absolutely! Norwex is your business that fits into your life and your schedule. Party when you want and pick the days that work for you!

Most consultants do between 2 and 4 per month and earn between $400-$800 per month.

How does the sign-up process work?
You can do this instantly online. You’ll get your Consultant ID# (and your Consultant privileges) immediately! Meaning you don't have to wait for your kit to arrive to starting earning money and using your discount!

Tips for SIGN UP!
1.  There is NO promo code.

2.  Say YES To TEXTS from Norwex! They send you tips and tell you when someone ordered from you!

3.  SAY YES TO OFFICE SUITE! (this is your website)... because it's free for the first 6 months! After your 6 months, it's $9.99 per month (I'll remind you when your 6 months is approaching!) or you can simply turn it off in your back office (www.norwex.biz is your back office).

4.  OFFICE SUITE PLUS is extra and includes Sqweee (online party platform). You don't need to subscribe to this to run a successful business but just know this is another option!

5. The Kit Builder is totally your choice. I HIGHLY recommend it if possible. It's a 45% discount on the products and it instantly earns you the New Consultant Reward Package (which is a $150 value). Full retail price of the Kit Builder will go toward earning your kit for free. It's a SUPER good deal and it's ONLY available at sign up.
or I can give you a call and we can chat!
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