2024 Virtual Pre-9th Registration Form (Summer 2020)
Please complete this form for your son if he intends register for the Pre-9th Virtual Program at the Prep this summer. The program starts on Monday, June 29th and ends on Friday, July 24th.

Who should complete this registration form?
1) Students required to attend the Pre-9th Program (as stated in their acceptance letter) should confirm their Pre-9th attendance by filling out this form.

2) Any member of the incoming freshman Class of 2024 looking to get a head start on freshman year next fall is welcome and encouraged to register for the Pre-9th program using this form.

Program Description:
The Pre-9th Program is designed to provide incoming freshmen with a rich learning experience that will enable them to gain the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful start to their Prep career. Students enrolled in the Pre-9th Program will receive an in-depth introduction to the Prep’s Latin, English, Math and Science curricula.
The schedule is 8:30am to 2pm each day. It's about an hour per subject with a lunch period as well for socializing and connecting outside of the classroom.

Program Cost:
The cost of the program is $1,700 and will be added to your Smart Tuition account.

Follow-Up Information:
Once this registration form is complete, you will receive a confirmation from Lorrie McKenna P'05, Admission Counselor & Summer Programs Coordinator. FYI - Lorrie's contact information is lmckenna@sjprep.org or 215-978-1954

Getting Ready for Pre-9th:
As we approach the start of the Pre-9th Program this summer, all registered students in the program will receive more information from the coordinator for the Pre-9th Program and for the Prep Advantage Program, Mr. Kevin Gregorio. Kevin can be reached at kgregorio@sjprep.org or 267-773-5910.
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Anything you would like us to know regarding your son and the Class of 2024 Pre-9th Program?
By selecting the ACCEPT box below, you agree to have your son enrolled in the Pre-9th Program for Summer 2020 and understand that the program tuition of $1,700 will be added to your Smart Tuition account. For questions about tuition, please contact Judy Baccile, Accounting Manager, at 267-773-5904 or jbaccile@sjprep.org. *
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