2019-2020 Board of Governors & Alumni Teaching Excellence Awards Nominations
Faculty, staff, students and alumni are eligible to nominate faculty. Self-nominations are also welcomed and encouraged. Faculty will be notified in early September of their nomination for either the Board of Governors in Teaching Excellence or one of the three Alumni Teaching Excellence Awards (Sharp, Joyner, & Gove Awards). For more information and deadlines about these awards please visit the website below or email Marisa Gonzalez at teach_xl@uncg.edu or mggonzal@uncg.edu.

Website: https://utlc.uncg.edu/teaching/teaching-excellence-awards/

You will receive a copy of your responses to the email you provide. If you do not receive a copy of your responses and wish to receive a confirmation please email mggonzal@uncg.edu.

Thank you for nominating!
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