JLfest Weekly Poll 15
September 28-30, 2021

JLfest 2021 is coming to the end. We would like to thank your for your strong support over the last 3 months.
Did you enjoy the festival? Were the events interesting and to your likings? Any suggestions or request for JLfest 2022. Let us know!
We look to hear from you

Thank you
JLfest 2021 Organizers

Please refer to www.jlfest.my for details of the events under JLfest 2021
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1. How would you rate the below? *
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JLfest 2021 overall
JLfest Webpage
The competitions
The workshops
Sugoroku Game Session
Thursday Talk Shows
JLfest (Online) Cafe
Blogs & Forum
2. Comments, suggestions and ideas for any of the above.
There were 8 competitions held online at JLfest 2021
1. Kanji Map Poster
2. Japanese Comedy Story Telling
3. 4-KOMA Shibai - Impromptu Japanese Speaking
4. Nippon Quiz Bento Challenge
5. Short Video Drama
6. Sugoroku Language Board Game Design
7. Manga Dialogue
8. Let's 5-7-5
(Student Informative Poster Presentation & Nihongo Rap Competitions were cancelled due to poor response)
3. Are there any other competitions you wish JLfest could have organized? If yes, tell us about them and why?
Three (3) workshops were held online at JLfest 2021.
1. Kanji Map Poster
2. 4-KOMA Shibai
3. Nihongo Rap Creative Writing
4. Are there any other workshops you wish JLfest could have organized? If yes, tell us about them and why?
The Thursday Talk Show invites guests to share their life experiences with Japanese language so as to motivate Japanese language learners.
Among the guests invited in 2021 were:
1. H.E the Ambassador of Japan to Malaysia
2. Malaysians studying or doing research in Japan
3. Malaysians working with Japanese companies in Japan and other countries
4. Foreign entrepreneurs in Japan
5. Foreigners (other than Malaysians) working in Japan
6. Cosplayers
5. Other than the above listed, whom do you think we should interview on the Thursday Talk Show and why?
6. When do you wish JLfest 2022 be scheduled? *
You may click as many answers are you wish.
7. Other suggestions or comments
Thank you very much for your kind feedback. We hope to see you at JLfest 2022.
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