Registration for 09th November's Hearing at California Dept of Education, Sacramento
(We can do it, if and only if we stand for dignity together! We will do it)

Please fill 1 min form below, to stop demonization of India in your child’s textbooks by joining in Sacramento.

Hello and Namaste.
9th(Thurs) November is the date on which the California Department of Education will make a decision - if textbook drafts that denigrate Hinduism and India should be approved in California or not.
(Earlier meeting on 27th and 28th Sept was with Instructional Quality Commission, a body of California Department of Education )

It will be locked for 10 years.

Close to 1 million children (6th and 7th grade combined) each year will get discriminating, racist first impression about Indian religions- if some textbook drafts are approved. These are McGraw Hill, HMH Harcourt, National Geographic, and Discovery.

Unfair portrayal of India & Hinduism in textbooks for years continues to result in lower cultural self-esteem in Indian American children, negative perception about India and Indian religions in mainstream America and bullying of children of Indian origin. In response, Indian community across California has been relentlessly fighting this discrimination for last 3 years, since process opened in year 2014. Thousands of specific edits to text books have been submitted to the Department of Education. More than 800 Indian students & close to 1000 parents across California have put in efforts to voice their concerns and complaints in-person in Sacramento missing schools and offices. More than 50 academics world wide have requested to bring fairness in contents on Hinduism and India. Next month will be one of the last and one of the most important day for next 10 years in California’s Social Science textbooks.

For the sake of our future generations, let’s voice our opinion in person in Sacramento. Fill out this form below now, to join in Sacramento on 9th (Thursday).

Address: 1430 N Street, Room 1101, Sacramento, CA 95814

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