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It is not novel but revolutionary!

Skills & Knowledge: two powerful forces that drive us towards success. To capitalise on these invaluable assets, it is necessary to be guided on the right path and be able to access reliable resources. This can be particularly challenging in the vibrant world of skydiving if you are new, insecure or simply have no luck in finding someone who has the requisite amount of time or interest in helping you.

Through the BPA, Yassi Molazadeh created a structured skills-sharing and support network called Rise Up. Don’t be mistaken; this is not a mentoring program just for “baby skydivers”. As you will find out through the "Mentor" and "Mentee" sections of this page, Rise Up offers advice and assistance on a wide range of topics such as progression, competition, sponsorship, grievance, finance, safety and careers in skydiving.

Naturally, the primary beneficiaries of Rise Up will include:
• A licence holders;
• Experienced skydivers;
• Aspiring coaches and instructors;
• Overseas members;
• Tandem students; and
• Drop zone owners.

Many sporting associations across the UK already provide similar programs to raise their standards collectively. So it’s time for us, as BPA skydivers, to tighten our community belt and offer what we can in return for what we want to achieve.

For full details of the programme and information about the basic rules, please see http://www.bpa.org.uk/assets/Training/Rise-Up/Rise-Up-Mentoring-Guidelines-and-Training-Pack.pdf

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For most of us, being brave enough to jump out of an aeroplane is not enough reason on its own to keep doing it. We continue to jump because we have fun when we jump together. It is our commitment to the team or the group we jump with, that motivates us to set goals and turn up every time to perform our best.

Without our advisors and friends, none of us would have the drive to go to the drop zone every weekend, get through idle weather holds and spend thousands of pounds to jump again and again.

But not all of us can pluck up the courage to speak to a stranger or set up a team or find the right people to ask for advice. This is particularly difficult for tandem students, newly qualified skydivers and those who have joined us from overseas. Some are lucky enough to be invited to join a team, some are grouped together by coaches and others simply slip through the net and don’t show up to a drop zone anymore.

Through Rise Up we ensure that everyone, including experienced jumpers, has a chance to receive tailored advice and assistance from another skilful skydiver.

So if you have recently qualified or did a tandem jump or if you are an experienced skydiver thinking about branching out or if you simply need someone to guide you through specific challenges that you are currently experiencing in skydiving, sign up as a mentee and we will put you in touch with a mentor who has the skills, time and geographic proximity to you or your local drop zone.

What's more? Well, we will continue to keep up with your progress and will invite you to Rise Up social events and fun mentor & mentee competitions.

Spread the word to others who may also need some guidance!

"Whatever the problem - be part of the solution!"

You don't have to be a Sky God to be a mentor! If you have any skills that you may think would benefit another soul, share it and help them see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Becoming a mentor is an excellent opportunity for those considering taking up leading roles (such as coaching, instructing, judging or even becoming a Board member) to gain experience and build up confidence. You may not necessarily consider yourself as a "leader" but this is a safe way to find out as your commitment only extends to a minimum of 1 hour per month and as few mentors as 1 at a time.

As a newly qualified coach or instructor, you can also benefit from immediately putting into practice the skills that you have learnt through your specific training and improve your approach towards students by picking up valuable tips from our mentor training.

The overall experience as a mentor will help you enhance your professional skills which may be important in your career within or outside of the sport.

These are the attributes we associate with our very competent mentors:

• 100 jumps or more
• Experience in different aspects of the sport such as competing, instructing, coaching, judging, coordinating events, sports administration/council
• Ability to motivate and inspire others
• Patience
• Passionate to help others
• Objective and open-minded
• Good listener with excellent communication skills
• Adaptable to changing priorities
• Can offer at least one hour per month to dedicate to the mentee
• Acts with integrity and respects confidentiality

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