CMS ACC Cup Car Holiday Special Registration
Registration form for CMS ACC Cup Car Holiday Special. Drivers who participated in other CMS ACC series' should still complete this form in order to confirm their participation, as a new entrylist will be made for the event. If you do not register, you will not be able to join the event.
Your Full Name (First and Last) *
CMS requires the use of each driver's full name in order to participate in any CMS-managed competition. This will also be the name that appears in-game, regardless of what may be specified client-side.
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Your Steam64ID *
You can find your Steam64ID through it will be listed as "STEAMID64" on the site. This is required to ensure you make it on the entrylist, as those not present on it will not be able to join.
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Your Discord Username and Number *
To ensure we can reach you in case of an error during the registration process, please share your Discord username and number so that we can correct any missing information as quickly as possible. The format must be [username] #[number].
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