Cambridge City Growers Call to Action
Cambridge City Growers started in recognition of the systemic flaws of our global food chain, with the goal of making Cambridge, MA a partially self-sustaining community through community growing and gardening. Please submit this form if you are able and interested in being involved in any capacity.

We will reach out to you soon, and thank you!
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Do you own / have renter’s access to land (this includes pavement, your porch, or any area where you can put lots of pots or a raised bed) that you are willing to share for growing community crops?
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Do you have an area in which you could aid in producing compost?
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Do you have plants, seedlings, or seed that you could share?
Do you have gardening tools for building a raised bed, or any other tools to share or donate?
Do you have a car, truck, or ability to carry cargo with your bike (to transport plants, soil, gardening tools, etc.?
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Would you be interested in volunteering or being involved in any capacity? (Logistics, media, community outreach, strategy ad long-term advocacy, etc.)
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