Duke of Edinburgh Application Form 2018- 19
Please complete the form below to enrol on the Duke of Edinburgh Award.
By completing this information you are confirming that your son/ daughter will
- Undertake the required timescale for the Skill, Physical and Volunteering Sections
- Complete the sections by the given deadlines. 6 month section by Friday 29th March, 12 month section by September 2019 and the 18 month section by March 2020
- Attend a one day Expedition training session as well as a Practice and Assessment Expedition
- I understand that if my son/ daughter does not complete the above activities then they may be asked to leave the programme
- I understand that mobile phones are only to be used in an emergency during the expedition
I understand that once my child has been accepted on the programme, any monies paid are non- refundable
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If you do not have an EDofE number, please write N/A. Please let us know if you can't remember the EDofE number
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I give consent for my child to be photographed for DofE activities. This may mean they appear in the DofE or school's newsletter and on the DofE or school's social media accounts and websites *
I consent for my contact details to be forwarded to BXM, if they need to contact me about the expedition *
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