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GDG MAD is a monthly meet-up in Mumbai, that aims to bring the developer community together to learn, teach, discuss, share, and most importantly, form lasting connections. We're one big, welcoming bunch, all backgrounds, genders, skill levels and outlooks invited, as long as the Code Of Conduct is upheld πŸ’™

We're looking for speakers who are energetic, passionate, ready to give it their best, or just want to get started. We're here for you to deliver your best, or nurture / mentor you to get to that level - and we mean it! If you sound like any one of these, don't hesitate and submit a topic. We are open to all ideas, ready to discuss and break a leg. When you fill the form and hit submit, we'll get in touch ASAP.

Seasoned Speaker? πŸ§“πŸ»
We'd be honored to host you at one of our events in the near future. We have the meet-up monthly, but depending on when you submit the talk, we'll try to fit you in like the last piece of a puzzle. We'll also provide feedback, help you tweak your presentations to cover the latest and you'll get support and love you've never found before.

First Timer? πŸ‘ΆπŸ»
This is your launchpad. You can test the waters. We're pretty flexible and open to topics that you feel comfortable delivering. Stage-fear? Fret not - we have a wonderful open audience that accepts new comers like you. We will help you at each step of the journey to your first talk - should you be willing to cooperate and open to suggestions. Kick the shy-ness and laziness away, scroll down and submit that idea wanting to get out of your head πŸ—£

Workshop? πŸ› 
Workshops are time-intensive. We would love to host you for a workshop that focuses on getting the community together to do activities together under one roof. However, this may take a little longer to accommodate than talks, since we'll have to schedule it to meet the workshop's time/venue requirements. Don't let this discourage you and submit anyway. We love workshops.

Topics We Cover:
Anything under the β˜‚οΈ of Technology, Personal Growth, Best Practices, Latest Trends. Most popular - Android, iOS and Web.

Further questions? Outlier topic? Confused? Reach out to us on hello@gdgmad.com

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