NXPowerLite Desktop 8 Survey
Thanks for taking the time to fill out our survey and shape the future of NXPowerLite Desktop. We’re already well underway designing version 8 but we need your help to create the best possible product to enhance your user experience.

Please tell us if there’s any killer new features, workflow improvements or additional file types you’ve experienced that you think we could lend our compression technology to. So far our plans include:

> Adding the ability to replace the original files without creating a backup.
> Allowing you to choose to overwrite existing files rather than just adding a “(n)” to the filename.
> In-workflow options for JPEG optimization allowing you to adjust settings on a file-by-file basis.
> Extend the “Add folder” feature to allow inclusion of files in sub-folders.
> Improving compression of newer Microsoft Office file formats.
> Potentially adding PNG compression into the file mix.

Just fill out the box below with anything that you believe we could include to improve our solution and your experience.
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