dLucks Basenjis Application
Complete the below form to be considered for a dLucks Basenji puppy or available adult.

Ensure you application stands out! We typically get 50-100+ inquiries per litter (average puppy count is 3-6 per litter), so complete your application with this in mind. We move forward with the homes we feel are most qualified for a Basenji and one of our dogs.

Gender and color preferences cannot be guaranteed. Gender preferences are prioritized for reservations who have existing dog(s) in their home.

The typical wait for a Basenji puppy or adult is approximately 3-18 months. Currently, our next planned litter is for summer 2021.
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Why are you considering a Basenji? What specifically do you like about this breed? (If your primary reason is because you've heard they are hypoallergenic, please understand that they are NOT.) *
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