WIE ILS'19 Islamabad - Event feedback
May it be the priceless efforts of the volunteers or may it be the aura of amazing speakers, may it be the intellectual discussions or may it be the entertaining performances, the main essence of any great even are it's valuable audiences.
With utmost appreciation, the entire IEEE Women In Engineering International Leadership Summit'19 - Islamabad Organizing committee would like to thank it's unparalleled participants for joining us at WIE ILS'19 - Islamabad with such great enthusiasm and exuberance. Your presence is what made this congress memorable and successful for us. Our concept for this summit was to bring together pioneers with their stories of struggles, challenges, failures and scars as well as aspiring students and professionals like yourself to sit down and resonate on how each human is beautiful in their own broken way. We gathered to celebrated you. We hope that you enjoyed and loved this WIE ILS as much as the care and love we put into conceptualizing it for you.

Thank you for participating in our event. Your feedback and thoughts about this summit mean a lot to us. We would like to request you to kindly fill out this quick survey on how we can improve our content and management.
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