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The following is a description of each logo as provided by the designer:

Submission A: Two images and a short animation (see below) of how they could be combined if desired. The symbolism of the logo is: the Esplanade Riel to show Winnipeg's uniqueness. The blue to symbolize the water of the two rivers that have brought people to this area for thousands of years.

Submission B: Any color can be used, gold and blue used as examples. Blue was intended to match the website color.

Submission C: The bell curve is used as the “a” – more inclusive than the annuity symbol (we have P&C actuaries, data scientists too), more unique than the alpha – while still related to the statistical nature of the profession. Along with the bell curve, the smooth rounded “w” and “c” reflect Winnipeg’s flowing rivers, and give it a modern look and feel. The stroke around the text and logo helps maintain legibility when text is solid coloured, or on non-white backgrounds. The bell curve element gives space for fun additions to the logo - although not recommended when small as it hurts legibility. Logo and text can easily be re-coloured as needed.

Submission D/E/F: All the colours used in the logos can easily be changed.
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Animation for Submission A
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