Nominations for Annual District Awards for the Asia East District, Far East Council
AWARD NOMINATIONS ARE OPEN For submission - New nominations will be accepted until a few weeks before the Awards Event Ceremony slated for June.

********PLEASE READ THIS FIRST**********
All nominations for awards must be kept in the highest regards of Confidentiality. DO NOT DISCLOSE YOUR NOMINATIONS WITH THE NOMINEE or OTHERS OUTSIDE THE COMMITTEE. By employing this level of confidentiality we will avoid unpleasant issues and embarrassment in the event a candidate is not selected or for other reasons.

*Information obtained including your email address will be used for the awards purpose.
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- Awards For Consideration -
Please note that the awards are broken into three categories:
1) General Awards - these are useful for those who have helped out at the unit level on occasion and deserve to be recognized for their help. These awards are recommended for those who have provided service to youth but might be fairly new or have only limited time they can dedicate to supporting the unit.
2) Limited Awards for outstanding service. These awards are for those who have provided more long term support and are noted for their constancy and diligence in supporting the youth. These awards generally are limited in the amount that can be given out.
3) Unit Awards - These are awards for the single best unit (Pack, Troop and Crew) for the year and one for the best Leader for each unit type (Scouter, Committee Chair, Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Advisor and Venturer). While there is only one of each type presented each year we would hope that many units apply for this award.
Which Awards will you nominate the candidate for?
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