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Members will be able to play for prize money.
For players that want to play for prize money, send a minimum of $10 for entry: BEFORE 8:00PM via zelle, Google pay or
Only the players that send the money to me before the tournament starts can win.

Kings of Queens Chess prize score groups(groups are determined by lichess blitz rating of prize players) something like virtual sections.

Groups of 4 whenever possible with *highest rated players in group.
In KQC 4 GROUP = 40
1st 20, 2nd 15, 3rd 5

Groups of 2 for lowest rated prize players only when not able fit in KQC group 4 or 3.
In KQC 2 GROUP = 20
1st 15, 2nd 5

Groups of 3 only when odd number of total prize players.
In group KQC 3 GROUP= 30
1st 17, 2nd 13.

* U2100 players within 300 rating points group when possible.

Each tournament entry is $10.

90% returned on cashout.
Location: USA NEW YORK Only players in USA may play for prizes.
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