HTH Student Parking Application 2022-2023
Holy Trinity High School parking has traditionally been made available for teachers and staff who have assigned parking places. When space is available, students may also be accommodated. We have very limited parking availabe for this school year and will only be able to accomodate a small number of grade 12 student parking applications. We will be conducting a parking lottery for term 1 in September and Term 2 the beginning of February. We hope that this will maximize our ability to give as many as we can of our grade 12 students a chance to drive to school and park on school grounds. 

Permit Agreement

If granted a student parking permit for the 2022-2023 school year, I understand and agree that:

I am limited to parking in student parking areas only.  
I cannot park in spots which have been assigned to teachers and if I do so, my permit may be revoked.
If I arrive during class time, I will exit the vehicle and enter the school within 3 minutes of having parked.
I must have a current HTH issued permit displayed in my vehicle.
I acknowledge that Holy Trinity High does not take any responsibility for articles left in vehicles or damage done to vehicles while parked on school grounds.

I agree that my permit can be revoked and my vehicle banned from school grounds if:

In the schools’ judgement, I drive in a reckless or unsafe manner;
I, or others, are found loitering in the vehicle during class time or during lunch;
If, at any time, I, or others, are found smoking or vaping in the vehicle while on school grounds.
If I am regularly late unexcused during the day, and/or I leave school grounds during or between class time without permission.

Holy Trinity High will not issue more parking permits than there are spaces available but does not guarantee that ample student parking will be available at any given time.

By completing the Google Form below, you indicate your agreement to the above terms.

If this application is unsuccessful, you will get a second opportunity in Term 2 to apply for a parking permitted however we recognize that we simply do not have enough spaces for all of our grade 12 students to drive and park at school. 

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