JP PTO Volunteer Interest Finder 2020-2021
Johnson Park needs you! There are many ways in which you can help.

We appreciate the volunteer support.

If you want to participate, please complete this form by Wednesday, Sep. 16th. We have opportunities during the school day, after school, in the evenings, and on weekends. We also have tasks parents can do at home.
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Each class has at least two coordinating room parents who, in consultation with the classroom teacher, recruit other parents for class-related activities such as parties, trips, or special projects. Additionally, room parents will coordinate with the VP of Events, to help recruit volunteers and host one of our school-wide events.
General Volunteer *
We need volunteers to help with school-wide projects or activities. Some are community-building events, some are family events, and some are fundraising events. All will be listed on Konstella (our P.T.O. platform) once you join at the start of the year.
Buddy Family *
We’re always looking for families who are willing to buddy up with a family new to JP. We’ll try to pair you with a family of same-aged children. It’s easy–just invite them to join you at a school function, be available to answer their questions about JP, Princeton, and our community, and generally be welcoming.
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