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To Our Dear Providers:
In light of the COVID-19 outbreak and the recent directive banning face-to-face therapy for early intervention, we would like to capture a snapshot of your ability to provide services based on your infection status, your current caseload, your preferences, and, the preferences of your parents!
First, let's have a quick Health Status Check. Please answer the following truthfully (choose all that apply). *
What's your total Caseload as of today? *
What Service Delivery Options are you willing to provide during the emergency period. *
How many of your families are willing to do Telehealth service? *
How many children in your caseload are ready for telehealth (parental consents to do telehealth and SC checklist are complete and uploaded to NYEIS)? *
How many families are unwilling to try Telehealth services? *
Why are the parents of your children or you as a therapist unwilling or uncomfortable trying Telehealth? *
Please list the EIIDs of the children who are ready for Telehealth:
Please list the EIIDs who you need assistance getting telehealth forms (separated with comma or space):
Is there anything else we can help you with?
Thank You for Participating! For more COVID19 related materials, please click on this link, please visit our website:
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