TITUS II Pre-order / Demand
The purpose of this form is to collect the information on the demand for pre-production samples of the Titus II receiver.
It is NOT BINDING and it does not establish any contract. The ordering party is not obliged to buy the indicated quantity and the supplier is not obliged to deliver it.

Availability: Pre-production batch - 4Q/2016, regular production - 1Q/2017.
Price: Under 100USD plus shipping and local duty/taxes not included.
Payment methods: Wire transfer for larger quantities, PayPal works too, but the buyers would need to add PayPal bank fees.

You will be contacted on the specified e-mail address and asked for a binding order when the exact price and available delivery method is known.

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E-mail Address *
We need the e-mail address to contact you. We won't sell or rent your address or other personal information to third parties. Please make sure that the address is correct.
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Country *
Please indicate the destination country - where the receivers need to be shipped to, irrespective of your organization's seat or your country of residence.
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Required Quantity *
Please enter the quantity of samples that would satisfy your need. This is not a binding order. We cannot guarantee that the quantity will be covered.
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Maximum Demand (Subject to Availability)
Assumed to be equal to Required Quantity unless a higher number is indicated. This is not a binding order. Additional quantity up to the Maximum Demand will be offered to you if the total of "Required" quantities does not exceed the available number of samples or when another organization cancels its demand/order.
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