Family Work Commitment Preferences & Information
This form is to enable BHEA Enrichment Members to share their preferences, restrictions and any other pertinent information that could effect their ability to fulfill their family work commitment. Thank you for replying!
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Each family is asked to work on the day or days they are taking sessions. Please mark what day(s) you will need a job assignment. If you are exempt from FWC, please mark below. *
What time of day will work best for you to serve? *
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Do you have a child 5 years old and under that will need to be in the nursery while you work or instruct? *
Is your youngest student attending sessions 16 years old or older? *
Do you have a physical limitation that would prevent you from walking up and down stairs as a roaming hall or outside monitor? Monitors are also asked to lift tables, empty trash and sweep. *
Would you like to keep your same position and time? *
Please choose your top choice of job. Feel free to choose more than one option, if you're working both days or if you are an instructor one day and only need an assignment the second day. *
Are you interested in serving on the Enrichment Team? *
Please let us know if you have any extenuating circumstances that would hinder you from fulfilling your FWC. Please email to request an Enrichment Exemption form.
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