【DROP2】3Dファッションアイテムに関する利用規約 / Terms of Use for 3D Garment Assets
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・本データの著作権はAstral Bodyに帰属します。
Copyright of this data belongs to Astral Body.

No commercial use by individuals or corporations.

Cannot be sold or transferred to a third party.

Modification of the data is allowed.

No transfer or sale of derivative works.

Political use, religious use, or use for adult content is prohibited.

・不適切な使用とAstral Bodyが判断した際には利用の停止を求める場合があります。
Astral Body reserves the right to request that the use of the data be discontinued if Astral Body determines that the use of the data is inappropriate.

When publishing a work using this data, both individuals and corporations must indicate the name of the copyright holder and the name of the model.
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