FSM Token Airdrop
FSM Token Airdrop
What is FSM Token:
FSM is a deflationary Spaghetti of value based on the #TRON #crypto. Whenever $FSM is transferred, 1% of the amount will be burned.
Deflationary Token (boomtoken.io) is the Future.
But TRON is Ethereum Killer ! FSMTOKEN.com

There were originally 1,000,000,000 FSM in existence.

Offical website:

About our airdrop:
Please perform the tasks below to earn up to 500 FSM tokens.
100 tokens per person, 50 tokens for referral, up to 500 tokens.
Please complete all tasks, all tasks are mandatory.

Distribution time:
Airdrop tokens distributed on April 12, 2020.
Airdrop Task:
1: Join FSM on Telegram group.(https://t.me/FSMTOKEN *
Your Telegram usename:
2: Join FSM on Discord.(https://discord.gg/9qaywpC *
Your Discord usename:
3: Follow FSM on twitter.(https://twitter.com/RAmen_FSM_ *
Your Twitter usename:
Your Twitter retweet link:
5: Follow FSM on Reddit and And discuss FSM tokens.(https://www.reddit.com/user/FSM-RAmen- *
Your Reddit usename:
6: Like FSM on Facebook.(https://www.facebook.com/FSMtoken/ *
Link to your facebook profile:
8: Discuss Fsmtoken in FSM forum.(https://forum.spaghettimonster.org/ *
Your FSM Forum username:
9: Comment on this post by Bitcointalk Forum.(https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5228599.msg53916173#msg53916173 *
Your Bitcointalk usename:
10: Please submit your TRX wallet address: *
11:  FSM Forum Email: *
12: Your Referral telegram username:
Note: If there is incomplete, incorrect, or missing information in the submitted change order, it will not be rewarded, and the recommended user also needs to complete this task completely for effective recommendation.
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