PARTY ANIMAL Ticket Reserve Form
PARTY ANIMAL の前売りチケット予約フォームにお越しいただきありがとうございます。

Thank you for coming to the advance ticket reservation form of PARTY ANIMAL.
By filling out the necessary information below, we will respond with advance sales fee when you come to the day.
Please pay entrance fee at the entrance on the day.
Please note that we can not accept you when we reach the limited number.
【Response deadline: 23: 59 17th DEC 2020 】⇒
1.Name:氏名(ニックネーム) *
・氏名をご記載下さい。ニックネームでも構いません。例)ウソヤマ ウソタロウ or ウソップ ・Please indicate your name. You can use a nickname. ex) Growing Mad Scientist or G.M.S etc
2.Number of Tickets:チケット枚数 *
・ご来場いただく人数を下記のプルダウンよりご選択下さい。※5名以上の場合は別途ご相談下さい。· Please select the number of visitors from the pull down below. ※ For more than 5 people, please consult us separately.
3.When is the party?:開催日 *
・あなたが行くパーティーの開催日を教えてください。· Please tell me the date of the party you are going to.
4.CAUTION:注意事項 *
■再入場禁止。■20歳未満の方、写真付身分証明書をお持ちでない方のご入場はお断りさせていただきます。■フロア内での喫煙はやめましょう。まわりの人の顔や洋服にぶつかり火傷するおそれがあります。タバコは灰皿のある場所で吸いましょう。■イベント近辺での、たむろ、騒いだり等迷惑になる行為はご遠慮ください。■暴力団・その他反社会的団体構成員・泥酔者、並びに当店の雰囲気にそぐわないと判断させていただいたお客様には御来場をお断りせて頂く場合がございます。■会場内での喧嘩・泥酔・公序良俗に反する行為を行った方は即刻退場して頂きます。■お申込後の変更・キャンセルはお受けできませんのでご注意ください。■天災(地震、噴火、戦争、テロ等)による払い戻しは出来ません。■事故、紛失等の責任は一切負いません。■再入場(駐車場)禁止。■マナーを守って楽しく過ごしましょう!----------------------- ■ No Re-entry. ■ We will refuse admission for those under 20 years old, those who do not have photo identification certificate. ■ Do not smoke on the floor. You may burn yourself by hitting the face and clothing of the surrounding people. Let's smoke a cigarette where there is an ashtray. ■ Please refrain from acts that become annoying, such as hangouts, noise, etc. in the vicinity of the event. ■ Organized crime groups · Other members of anti-social groups · Drunk people, as well as guests who decided that it is not suitable for the atmosphere of our shop may be refused your visit. ■ Fighting in the venue · drunkenness · those who performed actions contrary to public order and morals immediately leave. ■ Please note that changes / cancellations after application can not be accepted. ■ We can not refund due to natural disaster (earthquake, eruption, war, terror, etc.). ■ We are not responsible for accidents, lost etc. ■ No entry (parking lot) is prohibited. Let 's keep good manners and have fun!
本イベントに関するご質問、5名以上でご来場される場合の人数などをご記載ください。*この項目は必須ではありませんので、空欄でも構いません。Questions about this event, please describe the number of people in case of visiting with more than 5 people. * This item is not mandatory, so you can leave it blank.
6.Your Mail
・あなたのメールアドレスを教えてください。素敵なパーティー情報をお届けします!(必須ではありません。)· Please tell me your e-mail address. We will deliver a wonderful party information! (It is not mandatory.)
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