Robo Build 1.0
######Robobuild 1.0######

Get ready to build some amazing architecture and show-off your architectural and mechanical skills because your bot has to do a lot of sweating.
The bot has to make a tower with the blocks provided to fetch points.
But hey!
That's not going to be easy with you controlling your bot and having a defender smash it!
So make your own...and go smash the opponents tower down..
It's not only the race with time, but also a race with your opponent to see who has smartness with strength.
Introducing first time ever in the robotron module,
******Robo Build 1.0*********
burn the arena with action to see who builds the best bot to build the best tower with the timer saying tick tock tick tock......
"Build your bot, it will build for you".
Join us in the arena by filling up the google doc now attached below.
In case of any queries
Saket Suman (7033244882)
Tanmay Sardar (8305035560)
Muskan Gupta (7742438480)
Alankrita Kakati (8473886929)
Adarsh Kumar (7340566338)

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