Akron Women in Tech Survey
Thanks for letting us know how we are doing! We count on you, our community, to let us know what we could be doing better and how we can serve you best. All questions are optional but the more info you provide the better we can be!
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Where are you from?
Which of these descriptions fit you?
What was the title or date of the event you attended?
What inspired you to attend today’s event?
How did you hear about today's Event?
Tell us about a moment where you felt like you were mentored by someone and/or you mentored someone today?
Do you feel you know more leaving today than you did arriving?
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If Yes to the last question, What did you learn new today during our presentation?
What was your confidence level in Technology when entering todays event?
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How would you rate your confidence level in technology after participating today?
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Why do you feel this way?
How do you feel we are helping women in technology?
Would you go to more Meetups at this venue?
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How do you feel about today's date & time as a day for Akron Wit Events?
Is this a topic you would attend advanced workshops or for?
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What could we have done better today?
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