Project summary
Lakes are integrators and sentinels of environmental and climatic changes occurring within their contributing basins. They integrate environmental responses over time and their worldwide distribution can can capture climate change in all eco-regions. However, lakes are strongly under-sampled and only satellite remote sensing is currently able to provide consistent observation time-series of a large number of lakes.

'lakes cci' is part of the climate change initiative (cci) by ESA. For more information visit or

Lakes cci aims to produce the longest possible time-series of global lakes for the following products:
- Lake Water Level (LWL): analyzing the balance between water inputs and water loss
- Lake Water Extent (LWE): expansion in glacial regions, flooding and drought in temperate zones
- Lake Surface Water temperature (LSWT): a main driver of lake biogeochemistry and influence on local climate
- Lake Ice Cover (LIC): analyzing changes in timing of freeze up and ice break-up
- Lake Water Leaving Reflectance (LWLR): relating environmental change to water quality dynamics
Objective of this survey
This survey is addressed to climate scientists, lake scientists and the wider scientific and expert user community (e.g. water managers) interested in observing lakes. This survey forms the first user consultation of the project, collecting essential requirements to align the project with user needs. Survey results will be used to determine import design decisions, including where the project scientists should focus their efforts to improve data quality, and how the data will be made available to the user community.

The survey is comprised of 11 simple questions and should take no more than a few minutes to complete.

Your input is essential to the success of the project. Thank you for your time.
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