St. Paul Lutheran 2020 Christmas Children Worship Pageant Participation Request Form
The annual St. Paul Lutheran Church Christmas Pageant will be virtual this year. Pageant coordinators would like to invite the children of the Church from 4-18 years old to participate by recording speaking parts and songs. Music for the songs will be provided to parents. Children will have a choice of where they would like to record their songs, either on their front lawns or at Church. Locations for recording speaking roles will be arranged individually.
Below is the list of speaking roles. Please note the age requirements. Persons submitting requests may rank up to three roles.Speaking Roles (Must be at least 6 years old):
Below is the list of non-speaking roles. There is no age requirement.
Child's Name: *
Child's Age; *
Parent/Guardian Name: *
Phone Number: *
E-mail: *
If you participated in last year’s pageant, which role did you play?
Are you interested in wearing a costume?
Where would you like to record?
What is the best time of day to record you?
Which days of the week are you available to be recorded? Check all that apply:
Parent/Guardian acknowledgement: By signing this form I understand the importance of my child’s attendance at the agreed upon date, time and location. (Electronic signature is acceptable)
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